About us

Foundation & Focus

  • Founded in 2006 in Amman, Jordan

  • Offices in India, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain

  • A software company focusing on Data Analytics to manage Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), Cybersecurity, and AI Solutions.

  • Provides associated services including ennoblement and consultation services

Company personnel

Company personnel are experts in the areas of GRC, Data Analytics and developing Audit Scripting, Data Extraction, IT Audit, and Consultation. They possess the following certifications:

  • ACDA - ACL (Audit Command Language) Certified Data Analyst.

  • ICCP - The International Certified CAATs (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques) Practitioner

  • CGRCP - Certified Governance, Risk, & Compliance Practitioner

  • CEAP - Certified ERP Audit Professional

  • CDAP - Certified Database Audit Professional

  • CIAP - Certified Internet Audit Professional

  • CFAP - Certified e-Forensic Accounting Professional