HighBond By galvanize

HighBond is the end-to-end integrated GRC platform that brings together security, risk management, compliance, and audit executives. HighBond streamlines collaboration across organizations, automates repetitive tasks, and delivers best practices in a seamless, award-winning interface—all powered by ACL Robotics and Rsam technology. One intuitive and accessible platform that delivers: Dynamic, automated workflows, Data consolidation, Domain expertise and guidance, Global scale, and an unparalleled customer community (a brochure)

ACL Robotics

ACL Robotics goes way beyond any simple analytic solution or BI technology—running your data access, reporting, and workflow tasks from beginning to end. It cuts down on the number of tools you need and provides data in real time.

Whether you’re responsible for ERP process controls, IT standards like ISO, NIST, or COBIT, fraud identification, AML/ATF, or the full enterprise risk management program—our robots automate your governance activities so the organization can meet its objectives.


AuditBond is a flexible audit management solution designed to drive efficiency across your entire audit workflow from planning to reporting. Whether your team is transitioning from paper-based and spreadsheets methods, adopting agile auditing methodologies, or maturing into an integrated risk-driven audit function, AuditBond is designed to scale with you. Our built-in best practices support your entire audit workflow, allow you to gain efficiency with automation and repeatability across your entire workflow.

Empower your team to manage all their audit activities and ensure you are delivering value to your board and top executives. Improve transparency with real time dashboards and one click reports. Integrate powerful analytics to track enterprise risks across your audit universe so that you can deliver timely insights that drive strategic change.


RiskBond centralizes and simplifies core risk management activities in a single, integrated platform—across the end-to-end risk process. Compared to spreadsheets or groups of disparate solutions, RiskBond places risk into the context of the organization’s strategic objectives. This helps everyone focus on what matters most, minimizes risk duplication, and creates powerful, collective reporting.

The software also reduces subjectivity by seamlessly integrating risk indicators into the assessment process. Plus it helps distributed teams identify risks and aggregate risk assessments through remote workshops. This maximizes engagement from frontline teams through the rich, easy-to-use interface. As a result, risk management spends less time on process administration and more time effecting change.


ComplianceBond helps you stay current on ever-changing regulatory requirements and standards to strengthen organization-wide compliance. Reduce compliance burden and decrease the risk of compliance gaps, by getting your compliance management out of spreadsheets and SharePoint.

Track and map requirements, and reduce time spent documenting and testing compliance. Automate testing for real-time compliance monitoring and prioritize your time on key issues. With built-in reporting, you’ll provide clear, oversight for management and the board. Plus easily demonstrate to regulators that you’re compliant.


Fraud is a reality for every organization—from governments and banks to healthcare and manufacturing. The best way to reduce your fraud risk exposure is by identifying unusual activity early, weeding out false positives fast, and taking action before that activity grows into a bigger problem.

FraudBond gives you the ability to detect and prevent fraud to reduce your overall risk exposure. It consolidates and analyzes your data to find red flags. Robotic data automation helps you spot and map fraud trends so you can shut them down immediately and quickly weed out false positives.


ControlsBond helps organizations manage and automate their internal controls program. Spreadsheets and other legacy tools can’t efficiently manage the complexity of SOX, ITGC, ICFR and OMB A-123—not to mention, they don’t deliver the assurance you need.

By centrally managing and automating control testing and workflows, you can increase your team’s productivity and effectively engage your three lines of defense. Even better, you’ll improve assurance and achieve compliance on time and on budget, boosting confidence from your C-suite and investors.


Use automation to drive efficiency and get more insight into your IT risk and compliance posture. ITRMBond helps organizations optimize the assessment process through workflow automation and harmonized content.

From automated assessment creation to asset classification and findings remediation, ITRMBond drives the participation of all program contributors throughout the entire lifecycle of risk and compliance management activities.


Minimize exposure to financial, operational, reputational, and security risk from your third parties. ThirdPartyBond automates the entire lifecycle of third-party risk management.

From third-party onboarding, assessment, and remediation, to performance monitoring and ongoing review, our software manages the entire process.


Unexpected events like a natural disaster or technical outages can significantly impact an organization’s standard business operations. Minimize the effects of a disruption with business continuity planning.

ContinuityBond helps organizations maintain effective business continuity programs, reduce risk exposure, and strengthen the ability to plan for, and respond to, business disruptions.


Make sure your organization is in accordance with shifting regulatory and business priorities. PolicyBond software is designed to author, track, and centrally manage policies. The software also maps policies to regulatory standards, risk frameworks, and business objectives.


Security incidents like data breaches can go unresolved or unnoticed, often because of a lack of automation, poor communication, or siloed processes. IncidentBond solves this by bringing all security incidents together in one centralized platform, automatically prioritizing them, and applying dynamic workflows.

This simplifies the incident management process and speeds up incident response and closure, while providing the insights to prevent incidents.


When working with multiple tools across an organization, it can be hard to sift through and prioritize the masses of threat, vulnerability, and security events data. CyberBond helps by consolidating disparate information and relationships across an organization’s tech stack and uses automation to drive intelligent decisions.

The cyber risk elements are processed through out-of-the-box or user-defined risk-based workflows, which automatically assign tasks, send notifications, and create escalations so you can prioritize your remediation efforts based on risk.

Enterprise Fraud Risk Management by MTL

Real time fraud detection and prevention by transaction monitoring and customer profiling (a brochure)

  • Anti-Money Laundering Solution (AMLS).

A solution for detecting money laundering by transaction monitoring and customer profiling of compliance reports and case management.

  • Name Screening Solution (NSS)

The solution for surveillance against sanctions lists. Real Time and Offline screening, Advanced Fuzzy Matching, String comparison in multiple languages.

  • Customer Risk Rating Framework (CRRF)

The solution for customer risk management to get Demography-based and transaction-based rating, Periodic and On-demand

Dashboard suite

The analytics suite that combines industry-leading automated analysis, storytelling, and collaboration.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our intelligent SOC downsizes the number of events require handling from thousands to only 5-10 critical and collaboration. (a brochure)