Zee Academy

We believe that data analytics, robotics, machine learning and automation are the main tools for future auditors.

We can create customize courses for your employees using our LMS.

Whether you are a professional or a student, we would like to invite you to be International Certified in the following certificate(s), which are accredited by ICAEA association:-

  • ICCP - International Certified CAATs Practitioner
  • CEAP - Certified ERP Audit Professional
  • CDAP - Certified Database Audit Professional
  • CIAP - Certified Internet Audit Professional
  • CFAP - Certified e-Forensic Accounting Professional

In addition to the following certificates:

  • CGRCP - Certified Governance, Risk, and Compliance Professional
  • CBCP - Certified BlockChain Professional
  • CPAP - Certified Predictive Analytics Professional